Serving Those Who Served Us

Welcome To Embracing Our Warriors

We are dedicated to providing orthodontic treatment to disabled veterans and their family.

Smiles are the universal language of kindness, and our mission is to bring that language to those who have sacrificed so much for our country. With every free set of braces we provide, we’re not just straightening teeth, but also restoring confidence and transforming lives. Together, let’s give our heroes a reason to smile again.

Darrell Embracing Our Warriors in Texas
When I first met Dr. Krieger, I was going through a really tough time transitioning back from military life. I was embarrassed by my smile, so I reached out to Dr. Krieger's office for help. Out of the kindness of his heart, he offered to donate braces to me so that I could be proud of my smile. Since then, I have been able to accomplish things that I would have never imagined. Now, when I walk into a room, I feel confident and introduce myself with my head held high.

- Darrel Rochell